Parent School Choice Transfers

Parent School Choice Transfer Requests 2021-22
Late Application For Entrance


  • First Round transfer request are between January 15th and March 15th.
  • Second Round transfer request must be submitted between June 29th and ending July 31st.
  • Late Waitlist applications will be considered in the Fall if classroom space is available, after ranked waiting lists from Round 1 and 2 are honored. Any available space will be filled based upon the order that the applications were submitted.
  • If your desired school is not listed on the drop down menu there are no spaces available for the 20-21 school year.
  • Pupil/parent must provide their own transportation.
  • All high schools students and high schools are subject to California Interscholastic Federation Athletic eligibility rules and regulations.
Student Information

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Parent/Guardian Information

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Transfer Request Information

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18.Does the student have a sibling already at the desired school and will be continuing?  

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